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October 2014

SACSCOC Announces the Decision on the Appeal of Brewton-Parker College (Added 10/22/2014)

September 2014

Annual Meeting Attendees List

Time Lines for Reaffirmation Tracks; 14, 15, 16, 17

Summaries of Quality Enhancement Plans from 2014 Track A Reaffirmation Class (Institutions with Undergraduate Programs Only)

August 2014

Common Names versus Official Name Guide

Accrediting Decisions of Other Agencies  (Edited March 2014, reformatted Aug 2014)

Administrative Procedures for the Meetings of the Committees on Compliance and Reports (Edited December 2011, reformatted Aug 2014)

Complaint Procedures Against SACSCOC or Its Accredited Institutions (Revised Dec 2013, reformatted Aug 2014)

Direct Assessment Competency Based Educational Programs (Approved Dec 2013, reformatted Aug 2014)

Disclosure of Accrediting Documents and Actions of SACSCOC (Edited Mar 2014, reformatted Aug 2014)

Governing, Coordinating, and Other State Agencies: Representation on Evaluation Committees(Edited Jan 2012, reformatted Aug 2014)

Integrity and Accuracy in Institutional Representation   (Edited March 2014, reformatted Aug 2014)

Litigation: Institutional Obligations (Edited Aug 2014)

Policies, Guidelines, Good Practices, and Position Statements: Definitions for Accreditation Purposes(Edited Jan 2012, Reformatted Aug 2014)

Annual Meeting General Information

Annual Meeting Travel Grant Application

2014 Institute Highlights

July 2014

Accredited and Candidate Institution List

Advertising, Student Recruitment, and Representation of Accredited Status  (Approved as Policy June 2014, reformatted July 2014)

Agreements Involving Joint and Dual Academic Awards (Revised December 2012, reformatted July 2014) Previously called “Collaborative Academic Arrangements"

Appeals Procedures of the College Delegate Assembly (Edited June 2014, reformatted July 2014)

Dues, Fees and Expenses  (Edited March 2014, reformatted July 2014)

Institutional Obligations for Public Disclosure (Approved June 2014, reformatted July 2014)

Mergers, Consolidations, Change of Ownership, Acquisitions, and Change of Governance, Control, Form, or Legal Status (Edited Mar 2014, reformatted July 2014)

Separate Accreditation for Units of a Member Institution (Edited Jan 2012, reformatted July 2014)

Substantive Change for SACSCOC Accredited Institutions (Updated July 2014)

Core Requirement 2.8 (Faculty)

Closing a Program, Site, Branch or Institution (Revised Aug 2011, reformatted July 2014)

Interpretation of Core Requirement 2.7.1 (Program Length)

June 2014 Accreditation Actions and Public Disclosure Statements Updated

Name Change Cross Reference List

Updated Commission Staff Roster

June 2014

December 2013 Accreditation Actions and Public Disclosure Statements Updated

2013-2014 SACSCOC Unit Planning and Assessment Summary Report

May 2014

Sample Teach Out Agreeement to Close an Institution

Annual Meeting
  Registration Information
  Map of hotels
  Hotel reservations

March 2014

Summaries of Quality Enhancement Plans from 2013 Track B Reaffirmation Class (Institutions with Graduate Programs)
Spring, 2014 Substantive Change workshops have been cancelled.

Accreditation Procedures for Applicant Institutions  (Revised Dec 2013)

Complaint Procedures Against the Commission or Its Accredited Institutions (Revised Dec 2013)

Direct Assessment Competency Based Education Programs (Approved Dec 2013)

February 2014

2013 Annual Meeting Highlights

Documentation Template for Merger/Consolidations (Revised)

Report Form for the Substantive Change Committee--Mergers, Consolidations and Acquisitions (Revised)

Updated Third Party Comment

Institutional Summary Form Prepared for Commission Review (Revised)

January 2014

Making the Case for the Application of the Lumina Foundation's Degree Qualifications Profile (Added)








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