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Institution Name:   University of North Alabama
CEO:    Dr. Kenneth D. Kitts
Title:   President
Address 1:   One Harrison Plaza
Address 2:   UNA Box 5004
City:   Florence   State:   AL   Zip:   35632-0001
Institution Phone:  (256) 765-4100
Level:  IV
Status:  Accredited
Public Sanctions:  NONE
Accredited:  1/1/1934
Reaffirmed:  2012
Next Reaffirmation:  2022
Control:  Public  
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Level refers to the highest degree offered by an institution.

  • Level I - Associate Degree, Level II - Baccalaureate Degree,
  • Level III - Master's Degree, Level IV - Master's Degree and Education Specialist Degree,
  • Level V - 3 or fewer Doctoral Degrees, Level VI - 4 or more Doctoral Degrees.


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