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Substantive Change Drive-in Workshop

Fall 2016

The Substantive Change Workshop is an opportunity to learn the principles and select advanced topics of substantive change from a SACSCOC staff member.  It’s an ideal introduction for new liaisons and a refresher for those with experience.

Learning objectives are:

  • to know what constitutes a substantive change;
  • to assess substantive change in an institution-specific context;
  • to know how to develop a plan for monitoring and reporting substantive change;
  • to understand the substantive change review process;
  • to know the principal types of substantive change such as program closures and teach-outs, level changes, new programs, off-campus instructional sites, and more;
  • to know how to make and document determinations of “significant departure;” and
  • to learn best practices for writing prospectuses and notifications.

The intended audience is liaisons, academic affairs staff members, provosts, faculty members, or others with substantive change responsibilities.

Both fall 2016 workshop are FULL and registration is CLOSED.

Two workshops are planned for spring 2017, the details of which have yet to be settled. Information will be posted on this page when available.

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