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Substantive Change Committees are authorized to conduct site reviews of member institutions only.  The focus of the Substantive Change Committee depends on the nature of the change itself.  (See the substantive change policies for a description of types of substantive change resulting in committee reviews.)  Normally a substantive change committee visit occurs within a two to three day time period; however, the length of a given visit will be tailored to the specific institution.  The purpose of the substantive change committee is to evaluate the institution continuing compliance with specific accreditation standards within the Principles of Accreditation that pertain to the nature of the substantive change. 

The Committee provides a written analysis of its findings, including any formal Recommendations of non-compliance with specific accreditation standards.  The report of the committee is forwarded to the institution for its response, and is also forwarded to the Compliance and Reports Committee of the Commission on Colleges for its review. 

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Report Form for Level Change
Report Form for Expansion
Report Form for Mergers, Consolidations and Acquisitions (Also for Change of Control/Ownership/Governance and Legal Status)
Report Form for New Sites and Electronic Expansion


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Chair Response Form
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