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2014 Track B Orientation

Welcome to the web site for the June 4 Orientation Session for graduate and professional institutions seeking reaffirmation in 2014. This site contains reading materials intended to provide you with information about and for the Orientation Session, as well as useful materials that may assist you as you prepare for your reaffirmation.


Institutional Summary Form Prepared for Commission Review (Due May 14, 2012 to Terri Latimer at

Registration Form (Due May 14, 2012 to Terri Latimer at

Role of the Commission Staff

List of Institutions in the Class of 2014 Track-B by State

Directions to the Atlanta Airport Marriott

Additional Resources

Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement

Handbook for Institutions Seeking Reaffirmation

QEP Resources for the class of 2014 B

Institutional Resources for the class of 2014 B

Leadership Orientation Presentations

Plenary I:

Plenary IIA:

Plenary IIB:

CEO Luncheon Meeting:

IE Luncheon Meeting:

Finance Luncheon Meeting:
  Powerpoint Presentation
  Private Institution Handout
  Sample Private Institution
  Sample Public Institution
  POA Excerpts






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